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Escape the ordinary with our authentic Chinese cuisine. Whether you’re craving steamed dumplings or sesame chicken, you’ll leave feeling satisfied.

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Enjoy the fresh Chinese dishes you love

Menu – Broccoli beef, beef stew udon soup, steamed buns, and more.
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Traditional Chinese Hot Pot, cook the raw meat and vegetables on the table by yourself and eat it after you dip it into the dipping sauce, a fun way to eat in the cold winter time. Come to Mandarin Taste to join us, have fun!!

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Monday: Free Soda Drinks
Tuesday: Free Soda Drinks
Wednesday: Free Egg Drop Soup
Thursday: Free Ice Tea
Sunday: Fee Egg Roll


The store will be closed from July 1st, 2017 and reopen August 16th, 2017 for summer vacation. 


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